Want to add a sentimental touch to your garment?
Send in your clothing!

Send your pre-loved garments and fabrics and have them transformed into one of the items below!

The prices below show the cost of the garment excluding the fabrics. The price will vary depending on the amount of fabrics donated for your garment. If you were to supply enough suitable fabrics to cover your garment of choice, the cost of the garment will remain the same price as below.

*The cost of the garment is based on the labour involved, added materials like buttons, thread and interfacing and packaging costs).
Please be aware that the cost below DOES NOT include shipping costs. Shipping costs will be applied to the invoice once the fabrics have been received. 


Jumpsuit - £95 


Mini Dress- £65 

How to supply your own fabrics

bekah copy.png
''...it arrived at I love it! I am over the moon with it, it's great, so comfy! Thank you so much!''

- Bekah

✖️ Send me a message via the contact form or email to confirm what garment you want patched and I will send the location you need to send the fabrics to (please wash these prior to sending). 

✖️ I will notify you once I have received your fabrics and let you know if I need to add or remove any other fabrics. 

✖️ Once all confirmed and you are happy, I will send a link to make payment.


Please see the video on what type of materials to send and how much to send:

''I am so happy, the packaging is so nice!...I love love love it. Thank you so much, keep doing this amazing work.''

- Maya

IMPORTANT - Choosing your garments/fabrics:

✖️ You will need to send enough fabrics for me to patch together and create your garment. Many AFRAYED items are oversized so more fabric is needed - please keep this in mind.
✖️ Try to provide fabrics that keep their shape. Examples - cotton, linen. For the button opening at the front, I need this material to be sturdy enough and to not fray easily.
✖️ Please do not send any fabrics with a lot of stretch. If you need any assistance in choosing fabrics, please message me using the contact form!


''Thank you so so much for giving my old clothes new life.''