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Hi human!


I'm Scarlett and I am the creator of AFRAYED Upcycling, a small upcycling business that emerged during the global pandemic of 2020!

How did it all start?

I was taught about the damaging effects of the fast fashion industry back in school which had a huge impact on the way I saw fashion and how I consume it. Growing up, I went to charity shops and bootsales most weekends to find the next item to add to my wardrobe - and to completely own it!

After dropping out of Fashion University, I took a job to save money for my ultimate dream of travelling around South East Asia - a dream that came true in October 2019. Unfortunately me and my boyfriend's 9 month trip was cut short due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Lockdown came into affect shortly after we returned home. Determined not to sit around and watch Netflix all day (very easy to do haha!), I started a youtube channel and began upcycling items and listing them on Etsy! After a month, I started getting a lot of interest and requests for custom orders, therefore I took some time out and launched my little shop on 12th July 2020.

About AFRAYED Upcycling

My mission is to work with people to help them create a special wardrobe that is just as unique and individual as they are! We are all so different and I believe our clothes is a way to express this. Unlike most clothing brands, I plan to only work with second-hand clothing and fabric. This does mean that EVERY piece from Afrayed Upcycling is completely unique. Every item is handmade and created with love.

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